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Breezy Acres
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                 South End of Douglas                                       Holland 9 Miles
Map to Breezy Acres in Douglas Michigan
                                                     South Haven 20 Miles
  You can see Breezy Acres isn't too hard to find. We're located in Douglas Michigan, 9 miles South of Holland and just across the Kalamazoo river from our neighbor Saugatuck. We're just 3/4 of a mile inland from Lake Michigan.

If you're coming from Holland it's probably easiest to head South on I-196. You can take exit 41, the North interchange into the Saugatuck/Douglas area. Turn right onto Blue Star Memorial Highway. In about 3 miles you'll cross the Kalamazoo river into Douglas. Keep going about 1 more mile to the flashing yellow light on the South end of town. You'll see the Breezy Acres sign just ahead on your right.

If you're coming from the South, or prefer the less scenic route from Holland, take I-196 to exit 36, on the South end of Douglas, and turn North onto Blue Star Memorial Highway. In about 3/4 of a mile you'll see the Breezy Acres sign on the left, just after the Antique Pavilion and before you get to the flashing yellow light.

Once here you have two options. You can turn in at the sign and go to the brown house you'll see ahead to your left. Or you can go the drive just North of the sign and pull up to the rear of the big white house. Either way, come on up to the back door and we'll show you around. Probably best to call 269.857.1940 for the brown house, or 269.857.1918 for the white house first, just to make sure we can be here to meet you.
Last updated November 27, 2018
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