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More Than Apartments...
Breezy Acres is more than apartments. It's a community. Most of our residents have lived here five years and more, a few for longer than ten. Many of our past residents are now friends.

That's the way we like it.

Our old wagon beneath the trees.

If you're looking for a home that's something more than apartments, take a look around our site to see what we're all about. Maybe there's a place here for you, too.

The Grounds
We are located on the South end of Douglas on twenty wooded acres. Lake Michigan roars just 3/4 of a mile to the West. And, as the name suggests, there is always a breeze.

Nature is just a normal part of the Breezy Acres life. Expect to see wild turkeys pass beneath your window, and to have deer grazing in your back yard. Ducks and musk rats busy themselves on the beautiful two acre pond through the summer, and geese gather around the edges in the fall, a brief sojourn on their way south.

Woodpecker on snowy evening.
Deer in the woods on a snowy evening.

The deer also occasionally graze through our organic garden, where residents are invited to work their little patch of ground. There's nothing like stepping out your back door and picking fresh snap peas and carrots for dinner.

This site is still under construction, so please bear with us.

Last updated November 27, 2018
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